50 Bible Quiz Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. According to Jesus, why are the peacemakers blessed?

  2. Who was Rebekah's nurse?

  3. How did God kill the Amorites in Israel for Joshua and the Israelites?

  4. Who murdered Amasa while grabbing his beard?

  5. How often does the tree of life yield fruit?

  6. What is easier to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven?

  7. Where did John the Baptist preach?

  8. Who said, “Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle…”?

  9. Why did Jacob ask to see Joseph's sons before his death?

  10. According to Ezekiel, why did the Lord give the Israelites His Sabbaths?

  11. How many elders fell down and worshipped Him who lives forever and ever?

  12. Whose husband and two sons died while living in Moab?

  13. What did the people of Israel have to put on their door frames, so that the Angel of Death would pass over them?

  14. What should the lips of a priest guard according to Malachi?

  15. Who was the first murderer?

  16. How did Paul want Philemon's goodness to be?

  17. A court official was reading the prophet Isaiah's book when which disciple met him?

  18. Which kind of fruit was forbidden in the garden of Eden?

  19. Which city did Jonah flee towards to escape from the presence of the LORD?

  20. Where is it written "my beloved is mine and I am his"?

  21. Who washed his hands to show his innocence in front of a crowd?

  22. Who was Ezra's father?

  23. Paul was delivered to Italy under the supervision of a centurion. How many persons were aboard this ship?

  24. What did the Lord say He will do concerning the speech of the people according to Zephaniah?

  25. Soldiers brought him water at the cost of a fight, which he poured out for God. Who is he?

  26. On which mountain did Abraham have to sacrifice Isaac?

  27. According to Hosea, how many days did the Lord say Israel shall dwell without a king or prince?

  28. How many men went with Ebed-melech to take up Jeremiah the prophet out of the cistern?

  29. The helmet of ...... (Fill in the blank)

  30. According to the book of Isaiah, which animal knows its owner and its master's crib?

  31. What was the name of the spokesman for the Jews who accused Paul?

  32. Which prophet cried when he found out the evil Hazael would do to the people of Israel?

  33. With what did Solomon liken the stature of his bride?

  34. A woman swept her entire house to find just one of how many silver coins?

  35. Why did the redeemer before Boaz refuse to buy the field and acquire Ruth?

  36. Nahum was given Oracle concerning which city?

  37. Where did Cain kill Abel?

  38. How long did Adam live for?

  39. According to Micah, who gives judgment for a bribe?

  40. Jesus cured a blind man in two attempts. What did the man see other people as after the first attempt?

  41. Who was the priest of Bethel that sent to Jeroboam king of Israel concerning Amos?

  42. How many horns did prophet Zechariah see when he lifted up his eyes?

  43. Why did God send two angels to Sodom?

  44. According to Zephaniah, what will the Lord search Jerusalem with?

  45. Who was killed because he did not stop pursuing Abner?

  46. Who “walked with God, and he was not”?

  47. When did Ruth arise after she laid at Boaz's feet?

  48. Could Pharaoh's magicians mimic the plague of frogs, that the Lord brought upon Egypt?

  49. In what did the Thessalonians receive the word?

  50. In what will the Lord Jesus come with His mighty angels according to the book of 2Thessalonians?

Bible Quiz Questions

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