50 Bible Quiz Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Why should the beloved be subject to every human institution according to the book of 1Peter?

  2. How did the waters recede after it had stopped raining?

  3. Who was the leader of 300 men who defeated the Midian army?

  4. What was offered as a sin offering during the dedication of the house of God in the book of Ezra?

  5. Where did Jesus meet Zacchaeus?

  6. For how how many days was the feast of booths observed according to Leviticus?

  7. From what has God delivered us in order to transfer us to the kingdom of his beloved son according to the book of Colossians?

  8. Who dreamt that they had carried three baskets on their head?

  9. With what did Solomon likened the neck of his bride?

  10. Who were the Sons of Zebedee?

  11. What had each builder at his side while he build in the book of Nehemiah?

  12. What did Joseph's brothers initially plan on doing to him when they saw him approaching from afar?

  13. What was the first thing the Lord declared in the book of Zephaniah?

  14. What was the message of Jonah to the people of Nineveh?

  15. What was the name of Abigail's first husband?

  16. How many months did the ark of the Lord remain with Obed-edom?

  17. To whom did the Lord promise that he will be made into an iron pillar?

  18. Which apostle didn't believe that the other apostles saw Jesus?

  19. How did David die?

  20. What was the man that prophet Zechariah saw in his vision has in his hand?

  21. How much did Haman purpose to pay into the hands of those who have charge of the king's business if the king decreed that the Jews be destroyed?

  22. How did Jesus make his parents feel when He stayed behind in Jerusalem?

  23. Which is the second book written by Moses?

  24. During which occasion is it recorded that Jesus and his disciples sang?

  25. How many chapters are there in the book of Jeremiah?

  26. Which judge was betrayed to the Philistines by a woman?

  27. Where does the love which is Paul's aim of charge issues from?

  28. Where did Jesus turn water into wine?

  29. What was the name of the son that Ruth bore Boaz?

  30. According to 2Thessalonians, what will those who do not know God and obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ suffer?

  31. What did King Artaxerxes gave Ezra unrestrained access to when he was sending him out?

  32. From which tribe was Moses?

  33. The people of Israel gathered manna for 6 days. How many omers did each person collect?

  34. How long did Sarah live for?

  35. Why will the Lord not revoke the punishment of Tyre's transgressions?

  36. How many letters of the Apostle Peter are there in the Bible?

  37. On which day of Creation did dry land first appear?

  38. In the book of Jeremiah, what did the Lord compare his people who are accustomed to do evil to?

  39. During the feast of weeks in Leviticus, the goat is offered for?

  40. Who built the temple?

  41. In Psalm 17, David asked the Lord to keep him as?

  42. Who from the New Testament wore a garment of hair with a leather belt?

  43. Who brought a bad report (bad news) concerning his brothers to his father, yet his father still loved him the most?

  44. On which day did God create vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees that bear fruit?

  45. What did the new Pharaoh decree in order to stop the Israelites from multiplying?

  46. According to the book of Titus, who are to be taught to be sound in faith, love and steadfastness?

  47. How many sons and daughters did the Lord reward Job with after the trial?

  48. Which bird did Noah let out of the ark first?

  49. According to the book of 2Peter, what should faith be supplemented with?

  50. What did the donkey that spoke with human voice do according to the book of 2Peter?

Bible Quiz Questions

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