100 Best Trivia Questions

  1. To whom did the ravens bring food?

  2. Who defeated Goliath?

  3. Who did Boaz marry?

  4. Whose cloak was used to part a river?

  5. Who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines?

  6. Whose small jar of oil filled all the jars she could gather?

  7. Who was Moses' father-in-law?

  8. Who was the first murderer?

  9. Who was the young boy who amazed others with his understanding and answers?

  10. Who was so short that he climbed up a tree to see Jesus?

  11. Who was despised by his wife for dancing before the Lord?

  12. Who did the Lord command to marry a prostitute?

  13. Who were Lazarus' siblings?

  14. Where did Jesus cure the blind Bartimaeus?

  15. Who was blind but still killed many with his death?

  16. What kind of animal questioned its owner for being beaten?

  17. Where was Jesus born?

  18. Who served 14 years for two women?

  19. Whose words made the sun stand still?

  20. Who used foxes to set fire to grain and olive orchards?

  21. How many Assyrians were struck down by an angel in one day?

  22. Who wrote most of the book of Proverbs?

  23. How did Elijah ascend into Heaven?

  24. What did Elisha bring up to the water's surface?

  25. What does a rainbow symbolise in the Bible?

  26. How did the Lord appear to Elijah?

  27. Who was the oldest man ever to live?

  28. With what weapon was Goliath defeated?

  29. Which kind of fruit was forbidden in the garden of Eden?

  30. Who grabbed a snake by its tail?

  31. Who was numbered along with the 11 apostles?

  32. What did Gideon “beat out” in the winepress?

  33. Who was punished with leprosy because he accepted gifts?

  34. Who was the leader of 300 men who defeated the Midian army?

  35. Who fell out of a window while Paul was preaching?

  36. Which city's walls collapsed on the 7th day?

  37. Who was Elijah's disciple?

  38. Who threw stones and cursed King David?

  39. Who was asked to curse Israel, but he could only bless them?

  40. From whom did God take away their reasoning but later received it back again?

  41. Who was so afraid that he drew marks on the doors and let spittle run down his beard?

  42. In which river did Jesus baptize?

  43. Who was eaten by dogs?

  44. Who left everything behind and followed Jesus when he was called?

  45. Who sacrificed his own daughter because of his vow to God?

  46. Who told his wife the source of his great strength?

  47. Which king brought wine and bread to Abraham?

  48. Who was advised to drink wine for his frequent stomach ailments?

  49. Who was jeered at by children because of his bald head?

  50. Which animal treats its young cruelly?

  51. Who lost everything, but after a trial God blessed his latter days?

  52. Who or what killed Sisera while he was sleeping?

  53. What did Moses make the serpent out of?

  54. What did God command to be made but became an idol?

  55. What did Jacob give in exchange for Esau's birthright which Esau came to despise?

  56. About whom did God say, “a man after my heart, who will do all my will”?

  57. Who had a thorn in his flesh?

  58. Who prophesied to a valley of dry bones and they came back to life?

  59. By how many years did God extend Hezekiah's life?

  60. Who was eaten by worms because he did not give God the glory?

  61. To what did Jesus compare his disciples?

  62. What did Peter see inside the great sheet that descended from heaven during his vision?

  63. Who was Israel's first king?

  64. Who argued with Jesus about washing his feet?

  65. Whose shadow healed the sick/ill?

  66. For how long did Israel eat manna?

  67. Who “walked with God, and he was not”?

  68. Which was the 9th plague to strike Egypt?

  69. What was Paul's occupation?

  70. According to Jesus, who “bears much fruit”?

  71. On which day did God create man?

  72. Who are allowed to partake in the Lord's supper?

  73. Who did the Lord not allow to enter the promised land?

  74. How many people went into Noah's ark?

  75. What was Lydia's occupation?

  76. Who wrote the book of Acts?

  77. How long did Moses live for?

  78. What was Abraham doing when the Lord made a covenant with him?

  79. Who escaped Damascus by being let down in a basket through an opening in the wall?

  80. Who built the temple?

  81. How many stones did David collect for his battle against Goliath?

  82. Who was king after Solomon?

  83. Who shook a snake off into the fire?

  84. How tall was Goliath?

  85. Whose hair got caught in an oak tree?

  86. Who was Mary and Martha's brother?

  87. Who do we know for certain played the lyre?

  88. Who did God command to carry the ark of the covenant?

  89. Whose head was ordered on a platter?

  90. Whose womb was closed by God and was troubled in spirit?

  91. Who saw a ladder in his dream that reached to heaven?

  92. Who tore a lion into pieces?

  93. Who was “slow of speech and of tongue”?

  94. Which animal's jawbone did Samson use to strike down 1000 people?

  95. After following Jesus' instruction, how many fish were caught?

  96. Who wrote a name onto a tablet?

  97. Who was turned into a pillar of salt?

  98. Who loved Delilah?

  99. What happened to the slave after a king cancelled his debts? (Matthew 18)

  100. Who didn't help his/her sibling with chores around the house?

100 Best Trivia Questions

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