Questions from the book of 2Kings

At the moment we have 39 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. How did Elisha heal the spring of water?

  2. By whom was a person resurrected who then sneezed?

  3. Who advised Naaman to seek the prophet in Samaria for healing from leprosy?

  4. Who drove furiously?

  5. Who broke the bronze serpent into pieces?

  6. On whose steps did the shadow go back 10 steps/degrees?

  7. Whose dead body revived a dead man?

  8. Who murdered her entire family, except for one grandson?

  9. From what ailment did Naaman the Syrian get cured?

  10. Which prophet was touched by God's hand when the musician started to play?

  11. Which king summoned all the priests and worshippers of Baal to one place, where he killed them?

  12. Which priest collected money in a wooden box to repair the Temple?

  13. Whose small jar of oil filled all the jars she could gather?

  14. Which prophet cried when he found out the evil Hazael would do to the people of Israel?

  15. Who from the Old Testament wore a garment of hair with a leather belt?

  16. Who spoke from and was thrown out a window?

  17. How did Elijah ascend into Heaven?

  18. Whose cloak was used to part a river?

  19. Who predicted that the next day God would end the starvation? The next day, men with leprosy brought the news.

  20. How much of Elijah's spirit did Elisha receive?

  21. What did God command to be made but became an idol?

  22. How many people were consumed in fire from heaven when they tried to capture Elijah?

  23. What did Elisha bring up to the water's surface?

  24. Who was jeered at by children because of his bald head?

  25. What did Elisha put into the poisoned pot that made it edible?