Questions from the book of 2Kings

At the moment we have 39 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. To which Philistine city did the god Baal-zebub belong?

  2. Who started to rule at the age of 7?

  3. Who from the Old Testament wore a garment of hair with a leather belt?

  4. How many people were consumed in fire from heaven when they tried to capture Elijah?

  5. Which king summoned all the priests and worshippers of Baal to one place, where he killed them?

  6. Who drove furiously?

  7. From what ailment did Naaman the Syrian get cured?

  8. Who murdered her entire family, except for one grandson?

  9. What name did the sons of Israel give the bronze serpent that Moses made in the wilderness?

  10. What did Elisha bring up to the water's surface?

  11. Whose cloak was used to part a river?

  12. How many Assyrians were struck down by an angel in one day?

  13. Who predicted that the next day God would end the starvation? The next day, men with leprosy brought the news.

  14. Who was jeered at by children because of his bald head?

  15. What did God command to be made but became an idol?

  16. Who asked Baal-zebub for healing instead of asking God?

  17. How did Elisha heal the spring of water?

  18. Who spoke from and was thrown out a window?

  19. By whom was a person resurrected who then sneezed?

  20. Which prophet witnessed two bears attacking and killing children?

  21. How much of Elijah's spirit did Elisha receive?

  22. Who was punished with leprosy because he accepted gifts?

  23. Whose dead body revived a dead man?

  24. Who saw Elijah's ascension?

  25. Which of the following is well known for being bald?