Questions from the book of Hosea

At the moment we have 11 questions from this book.

  1. What was the name of Hosea's wife?

  2. According to Hosea, how many days did the Lord say Israel shall dwell without a king or prince?

  3. What did the Lord liken Israel's stubbornness to?

  4. According to Hosea, when the Israelites return, how shall their fame be like?

  5. According to Hosea, what will the Lord do after two days?

  6. According to Hosea, why did Israel stumble?

  7. For how much did Hosea buy the adulteress?

  8. What did the Lord desire rather than burnt offerings according to the book of Hosea?

  9. How does Hosea describe the ways of the Lord?

  10. Who is regarded as "a cake not turned" in the book of Hosea?

  11. Where did the Israelites dwell in the days of the appointed feasts?

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