Mark Bible Quiz

At the moment we have 23 questions from this book.

  1. The demons leaving the demon-possessed man from the region of Gerasenes, went into how many pigs?

  2. During which occasion is it recorded that Jesus and his disciples sang?

  3. Who married his brother Phillip's wife?

  4. Jesus cried out, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” What does this mean?

  5. Who were brothers (by blood) out of the apostles?

  6. In which river was Jesus baptized?

  7. Which brothers were known as “Boanerges”?

  8. Where did Jesus cure the blind Bartimaeus?

  9. Jesus was on a high mountain with three of his disciples when he transfigured. Who was NOT there?

  10. What name did Jesus give to the Sons of Zebedee?

  11. Out of whom did Jesus cast seven demons?

  12. How did four men carrying a paralytic bring him to Jesus?

  13. What did Legion do with the stones?

  14. How old was Jairus' daughter when Jesus resurrected her?

  15. Who asked Pilate for Jesus' body?

  16. Which blind person threw aside their cloak and went to Jesus, after which Jesus healed them and they then followed Jesus?

  17. A woman with a blood discharge was cured by touching Jesus' robe. How long had she been ill for?

  18. Jesus cured a blind man in two attempts. What did the man see other people as after the first attempt?

  19. On which animal's back did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

  20. Which young man ran away naked after Jesus was captured?

  21. Who did Jesus appear to first after his resurrection?

  22. Who from the New Testament wore a garment of hair with a leather belt?

  23. Who ate locusts and wild honey?

Mark Bible Quiz

This book holds a special place in the Bible's rich tapestry, and what better way to dive into its teachings than with a Mark Bible Quiz? This quiz offers a unique opportunity to test your knowledge, explore its verses, and gain a deeper understanding of this profound biblical text.

Mark Bible Quiz is not just a game; it's a journey into the heart of this Bible. With questions that challenge and inspire, you can engage with the text in a whole new way. Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a beginner on your spiritual path, the Mark Bible Quiz offers insights and revelations for everyone.

Incorporate the Mark Bible Quiz into your Bible study sessions, Sunday school classes, or even as a personal exploration of faith. By taking the quiz, you can unlock the wisdom contained within this book and enrich your spiritual journey. So, why not embark on this enlightening adventure today? Take the Mark Bible Quiz and let its teachings illuminate your path.

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