15 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. By how many years did God extend Hezekiah's life?

  2. Who built the temple?

  3. What did Solomon ask for from the Lord?

  4. How many psalms are there in the book of Psalms?

  5. Who was taken when a mob formed looking for Paul but they could not find him?

  6. What was the first thing that Noah built after the flood?

  7. Where did Elijah kill the prophets of Baal?

  8. Who took Paul and brought him to the apostles after he had been converted?

  9. Who blessed Abraham after the battle against Chedorlaomer?

  10. Who carried a letter which resulted in his own death?

  11. How many generations are there between David and Jesus?

  12. What was destroyed during the flood?

  13. Which prophet did the Lord send to Nineveh?

  14. What was Esau's occupation?

  15. Who offered to take off Shimei's head?

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