15 Bible Quiz Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. In his greeting in 1Timothy, what did Paul call Timothy?

  2. What happened after David defeated Goliath?

  3. How many chapters are there in the book of Isaiah?

  4. What did Abraham call the mountain, on which he was going to sacrifice Isaac?

  5. Who was eaten by worms because he did not give God the glory?

  6. What was the occupation of the man who housed Peter in Joppa?

  7. Which of these men were leading men in the book of Ezra?

  8. How many talents of gold did the queen of Sheba bring as a gift to Solomon?

  9. How many years did Naomi and her sons live in the country of Moab?

  10. Whose life was completely transformed on the road to Damascus?

  11. What did Ruth's closest kinsman-redeemer give to Boaz?

  12. Which was the 9th plague to strike Egypt?

  13. How many counselors did King Artaxerxes have in the book of Ezra?

  14. How did the Lord describe the cisterns the Israelites hewed out for themselves in Jeremiah 2?

  15. Who was David's first wife?

Bible Quiz Questions

These thought-provoking queries offer a unique way to engage with the Bible's teachings and stories. Whether you're a devoted believer or a curious seeker, Bible Quiz Questions can guide you on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.

You can test your knowledge, uncover hidden gems within the Bible's pages, and spark meaningful discussions. These questions are not just inquiries; they are keys to unlocking the wisdom of the scriptures.

So, why not embark on a journey of discovery? Challenge yourself with this Quiz Questions, and let them be your guide to a richer, more profound understanding of the Word of God. Dive in and experience the transformative power of Quiz Questions today!

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