15 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Where did two angels punish people by blinding them?

  2. What did Saul do when David went to fight against Goliath?

  3. What objects did the ten virgins take with them in the parable?

  4. Until when did Ruth glean in the field?

  5. Which prophet was sent by the LORD to the potter's house, to speak to him?

  6. Who slept on an iron bedstead which was over thirteen feet long?

  7. Who had a young woman lie with him to keep him warm?

  8. Who was Cornelius?

  9. How many lambs were offered at the dedication of the house of God in the book of Ezra?

  10. Which son of Abraham was born of Sarah?

  11. For how long was Moses kept hidden by his parents?

  12. Who said the following, “a time to mourn, and a time to dance”?

  13. On which day did God create light?

  14. Which prophet witnessed two bears attacking and killing children?

  15. Who were the sons of Joseph?