40 Questions - Bible Trivia Questions

  1. Who was David's wife and Saul's daughter?

  2. A court official was reading the prophet Isaiah's book when which disciple met him?

  3. What did Moses do with the golden calf which the people of Israel worshipped?

  4. Which apostle didn't believe that the other apostles saw Jesus?

  5. Who made two calves of gold?

  6. From which tribe was Moses?

  7. What was Peter's occupation?

  8. In the evening so many quails covered the land that they piled up how many cubits above the ground?

  9. From out which land did the Lord call Abraham?

  10. Who was Ishmael's brother?

  11. Joseph, Reuben, Isaac and Levi. Who is the odd one out?

  12. What did Elisha put into the poisoned pot that made it edible?

  13. Which prophet ate and drank where he wasn't allowed to?

  14. Who gave water not just for the men but for the camels as well?

  15. According to God's law where could the unintentional manslayer flee?

  16. Which sons of Aaron died when they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord?

  17. Abihu, Ithamar, Nadab and Phinehas. Who is the odd one out?

  18. How many chapters are there in the book of Isaiah?

  19. How many chapters are there in the book of Jeremiah?

  20. How many chapters are there in the book of Job?

  21. How many chapters are there in the book of Acts?

  22. Jesus cured a blind man in two attempts. What did the man see other people as after the first attempt?

  23. Who cut his hair because he made a vow?

  24. Who believes that there is neither resurrection, angel nor spirit?

  25. A piece of his robe was cut off in a cave. To whom did it belong?

  26. He signalled using arrows that a friend of his was in danger. Who was in danger?

  27. Who tried to kill his own son with his spear?

  28. How old was Jairus' daughter when Jesus resurrected her?

  29. A woman with a blood discharge was cured by touching Jesus' robe. How long had she been ill for?

  30. Who was a mighty hunter before the Lord?

  31. Who ate honey while others were eating raw meat?

  32. Where did Abraham buy a field to use as a burial ground?

  33. Who was Deborah's husband?

  34. Fingers of a hand appeared that wrote on a wall. Which king witnessed this?

  35. Who left Paul because he was in love with this present world?

  36. How many chapters are there in the book of Proverbs?

  37. Who prepared his bread on top of cow's dung?

  38. Who did God command to lie on his side and siege Jerusalem for many days?

  39. Whose mouth did a seraphim touch with a coal?

  40. Which is the first book written by Moses?

Bible Trivia Questions

Bible Trivia Questions offer a captivating way to deepen your connection to scripture. These carefully crafted inquiries transcend mere curiosity, serving as a bridge between the reader and the profound narratives within the Bible.

Bible Trivia Questions challenge your knowledge, prompting exploration of biblical stories, characters, and teachings. As you ponder each question, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, strengthening your spiritual foundation.

Incorporate Bible Trivia Questions into your study routine, group settings, or family discussions. The interactive nature of these questions fosters a dynamic learning experience, making them ideal for both seasoned believers and those new to the faith.

So, why not elevate your Bible study? Immerse yourself in the world of Bible Trivia Questions, unlocking the hidden treasures of scripture. These questions aren't just a game, they're a gateway to a richer, more meaningful understanding of the Word. Embrace the challenge, and let Bible Trivia Questions be your companion on the path of spiritual exploration.

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